- special preview-





pots and plants from IKEA


window blinds from Hunter Douglas


dining table from Luzzini, dining chairs from Barang-Barang
plates from Chatuchak/Bangkok, tissue paper container from IKEA,
ceiling lights from Lighting Court








Buddha wood carving from Chatuchak/Bangkok
recessed lights from Lightcraft




quilt and quilt cover from IKEA


picture frames from IKEA
lighting from LC Lighting


glass container from Barang-Barang
white pebble stones from ACE
plate from IKEA


(planning the gallery area)
lighting from Lighting Court


the gallery fulfilled



the gallery fulfilled













Glass container and lightings from Chatuchak


Lighting from Chatuchak






Kitchen countertop and cabinets from Signature Kitchen
Sink and tap from Teka





































during the Y2008 New Year potluck dinner




2-seater leather Arild Sofa from IKEA