Eiein (pronounced EE+IN) approached me about shooting her pre-wedding even before I did my first pre-wedding album for Karen. Somehow from the other stuff that I have shot, she knows that I may appreciate what Malacca has to offer, and by that she is NOT referring to famous landmarks like A Famosa or the Stadthuys, which most probably have been shot to death already by thousands of wedding couples before her.

Instead, what caught my attention in her email to me was the word 'dilapidated'. Gosh, after Karen, I seem to have found myself yet another bride who is not afraid of getting her silky white gown dirty haha. And so, we agreed to show the world a different side of Malacca.

Eiein promised me an adventure before I came. And she certainly did not disappoint! The full-day shoot covered at least FIVE different locations all over town, from the very colourful and quaint Jonker Street, to the semi-rotting backlanes of Riverwalk, and then off to the sun-bathed jetty at Portugese Village, before dropping by St John's fort, and finally against the setting sun, we played in the grounds of the abandoned Pulau Melaka project site.

I'm really happy to have done this shoot for Loh and Eiein! Having someone who are warm and friendly and who knows the city like the back of their hands certainly helps cut down on alot of time to travel between the different locations!

Colour-processing wise, "retro/vintage" currently remains as my favourite (and only) theme so far, which of course works wonders for a place full of historical values like Malacca.