*Electric Dreams
Trying to finish off his last assignment before Raya, the driver completed the journey to Singapore in a record time of 2 hours 48 minutes. Electric dreams presented in blinding speed, what a breath-taking experience.



































*Platform 21
Earlier on, the journey to the metropolitan state with cutting-edge technologies started off in a bus terminal with advancements right on the other end of the modernity spectrum.


































*Lightworks 1
Sleepy, tired and slightly disorientated from the dizzying ride, we reached the hotel in one piece at 4am, and spent the next 3 hours staring at the magnificient lightworks waiting for the city to come alive.
































*Lightworks 2
Marvellous craftsmanship saved the day, but killed off a large portion of space on my digital camera's memory card.














Found a 24-hour eatery, where we sat for breakfast and coffee and watched as sunshine slowly breath life into the streets outside.













*Good As New
Spotting a squeaky clean look, I almost could not recognise this nostalgic piece of history that was frequently featured in coffee shops throughout the country many many years ago.












*The Flower Gal
Allowing me only one shot to get this right, the flower gal nevertheless kept talking and ended up with an image of a permanently twisted expression.

































*Immitation Paper Flowers
Nature perfectly the art of making fake paper flowers millions of years ago.


































*Making Prayers Work Wonders
People pray for very different reasons. I wish I could read their minds.



































*Open Windows, Closed Action 1
Bugis Junction, 9:12am. Another round of waiting for action to arrive.














*Open Windows, Closed Action 2
At least he got a good view.













*The Breakfast Bunch
Mcdonalds at the same food portion but double the price. Ouch, and welcome to Singapore.































*The Suntec Art Students

Surrounded by glorious arts, I couldn't let them go without a arty pose..































*Hanging Propoganda

Creative use of advertising space meant edges of escalators are not just meant for knocking your heads against anymore..







































*A Pot & A Durian
Yes, that prickly fellow, I would stay a good distance away.




































*This Way Please
Who needs to be shown the door when you're absolutely enjoying yourselves?


































*Ouch Ouch Ouch
The last place a soft-shell Alien would want to land during invasion.
















Yes, you can see we're getting bored with the standard poses.
































*Abolone Delight
New Moon Abolone protects you from the sun, but does not guarantee an intact wallet if used for consumption.

































*Tiger Spirit

Tiger Beer also shades you from the sun, but does not guarantee a sober spirit after consumption.

































*We Are Open Sometimes
The two mischievious windows quietly open to admire the bustle on the street.














*A Window Called Happiness
At the window called Happiness, we pondered if that meant we would be blessed with at least a full day of overcast skies for a sweat-free exploration.














*This Looks Familiar
Oh, the three brothers, did I take a shot of you guys on my last visit? My, have you put on some weight.



































*Shady Space
But who needs that when it's all air-conditioned inside?


































*Total Makeover
Yes, I'm positive I took a shot of you during my last visit. I nearly couldn't recognise you, you look so much more presentable now!















*All The Right Elements
Back alley with deserted but locked bikes, walls with peeling paintwork and narrow door entrances is an Ann Siang Hill's specialty.












*Green With Envy
Ah, but that's not necessary, coz you most probably cost a million Sing Dollar already..




































*The Red Angel
One day while passing a back lane, a mysterious red angel invited me in to explore further.




































*Tongue-Twister Delight
We spent a good 20 minutes debating the correct way to pronounce the name of this establishment.





































*A Corridor of Opportunities
In the modern days, old shophouses are home to chic photography studios, arty galleries and upmarket law firms.




































*Your Back Side Sticking
Painstaking design ensures dirty laundries are visible only from the oddest of angles.













*My Aching Feet
After a 5-hour foot tour around town, finding a place to lean against quickly moved very high up the priority list while waiting for the next train to arrive.







































*I'm No God
And again, a customary shot of the super boy who did it all. Not my best shot, but you're supposed to concentrate on the list of delicacies written on the window panes behind me, instead of on my face.






























*Farewell To Electric Dream
On the long-winded 6-hour journey home, I began to miss the bus driver who brought us into Singapore at half the duration.

Yes, never mind the electric dream.